Reverend Evgeniy Kruzkhov, Seminary Rector & Assistant Field Director

Presently, some of my main responsibilities are: teaching, developing curriculum, counseling and corresponding with students during intensives and lectures, and writing articles for SRS.

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Natalia Mironova, Office Administrator

I came to work in the Biblical Theological Seminary in 2000, but I heard of Blake Purcell and his family much earlier, in 1991-1992, when I was a student of St. Petersburg Pedagogical University. My friend was in Blake’s Bible study group and told me about “one missionary who plays basketball and studies the Bible with the students”. A couple years later, my phone rang and Blake was asking me to type some materials in English so that SRS could put them online – online versions of the books were almost a dream at that time! Blake knew I had worked as a secretary in American-based organization and could type in Russian and English. When delivering the translated articles to Blake, he offered for me to stay and work at the Seminary and I understood that God provided a job for me.

At the moment I hold the position of Seminary Administrator. It is a privilege to be a part of this team and be able to use all my God-given gifts for SRS ministry in Eurasia. My main responsibilities are: archiving academic and professional documents, translating & proofreading, bookkeeping, obtaining travel documentation for visiting professors, and maintaining the Seminary flat.


Reverend Blake Purcell, Field Director

Blake and Cathy Purcell moved with their three children to Leningrad in 1990 and became some of the first Evangelical missionaries allowed to live in the Soviet Union post the Communist Revolution of 1917.

Cathy Purcell, Ministry to Students' and Pastors' Wives


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Hannah Montgomery, Web Designer


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David Briar, Treasurer

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 Board Members, Staff, and key supporters of srs (2016)

Board Members, Staff, and key supporters of srs (2016)

Louisville, MS (2016) - Men and women from across North America and Russia gathered at Quail Ridge Lodge, just south of Louisville, MS, October 3-5 to pray and work for the growth and progress of the Slavic Reformation Society.  Ministry leaders from various denominations labored side-by-side to plan for the future of the ministry and to encourage the Rev. Blake Purcell, the man through whom the ministry of SRS to the peoples of the former Soviet Union has already made so much progress.  The meeting was attended by 26 individuals from various parts of North America and Russia.

The Slavic Reformation Society is committed to providing pastoral training for men of the nations of the former Soviet Union and to help those men establish faithful churches in those regions.